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  • Elixir & WHO


    Elixir, successfully implements and install Smart Elixir for hospital cost control at Ministry of Health. The project was financed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • Smart ELIXIR

    Elixir Launchs "Smart ERP"

    A Smart enterprise solution that integrates ERP and cost control together
    Smart Elixir can automatically monitor the whole context of any business or financial operation and generate detailed transactions

    The context includes Agency, Projects, Client, Provider, Product, Item, Item type, Product classifications, Building, Building type, Building name, etc

    This automatic and dynamic monitoring allows companies to expand in terms of agencies, services, products, and markets without any extra administrative charge.

    Just develop your budget, and Elixir will assist you to input your raw data, check its correctness, generate your accounting, payables, and receivables, update your budget and add rich details to your decision support reports.

    Moreover, Elixir can automatically generate cost centers, bind cost to buildings, cars, or any other assets, redistribute the cost of shared assets between projects, manage shared inventories.

  • نظام الإكسير المتكامل

    لإدارة الديوان والمهام والأرشفة 

    يرفع كفاءة المؤسسة من خلال

    متابعة لجميع المراسلات التي ترد إليها أو تصدر عنها والتأكد من وصولها للأشخاص المعنيين
    متابعة تنفيذ مضمون هذه المراسلات فيما لو تضمنت توجيهات محددة وضمان الإجابة بشكل سليم وفي الوقت المناسب
    ربط آلي لهذه المراسلات مع الأرشيف الخاص بالأقسام والمشاريع والموظفين
    سهولة العودة إلى هذه المراسلات عند الحاجة سواءاً ضمن المراسلات أو ضمن الأرشيف أو ضمن المهام وتجميعها في مجموعات وفقا لصنفها أو الجهات أو الموظفين المعنيين بها



Elixir for Intelligent Software

Elixir for Intelligent Software was founded in 2005 as research and development center, where it has developed web based and distributed framework based on the latest technologies, theories and design patterns. Elixir Framework allows us to build intelligent business solutions and expandable ERP systems which can adapt to the needs of medium and large companies in terms of functional and technical requirements.

Elixir framework allowed us, in short period of time, to build many excellent ERP systems and to provide the local and regional market with competitive software products and solutions in terms of quality, price and implementation time.   



Elixir For Intelligent Software has won the Golden Award for the best software in the Arab World under the category of innovative programs;

 “Arab Golden Chip Awards 2011”      

Which was organized by The Arab ICT Organization - IJMA3, in cooperation with the Syrian Computer Society.


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Success Stories

Despite the difficulty of implementing and customizing ERP systems and its low success rate (less than 40%), Elixir was able to achieve fast and notable successes and to build very complex and high available enterprise solutions that run efficiently. These solutions  include:

  •  Driving School  Management system for the Ministry of Transport.
  •  Mall Management System. 
  •  E-billing system.
  •  Cost Control System.
  •  Common Fund Management for Medical Syndicates